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Support for School Children in the philippines

Every Sunday worship for four decades, we take up donations in the woven basket for one of its projects in The Philippines for school children.  The very first work of the organization that what would eventually become Outreach International began in the Philippines in 1974. Today, we work in 17 communities in the Philippines and serve 9,135 people.  Projects include rice and food loan projects, sanitation and health-related projects, animal income generating projects, among others.

This charity was founded by a church apostle, Chuck Neff.  It is a charitable organization legally separate from the church organization.

The communities are identified by church people, then they engage with the community to identify and prioritize their need and design a project.  Local persons are trained as community development facilitators, educators, and specialist workers.  Church members are not the only people benefited because they include their neighbors within their local community.  One benefactor continues to financially cover administrative costs at its headquarters in the USA and others volunteer their service so all other donations go wholly into the field.  Outreach’s work is data-driven to ensure our successes are quantifiable and repeatable.

More information can be found at Outreach International  https://outreach-international.org