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Pastor Gail Ronneberg

Leadership in Community of Christ is about servant ministry.

We consider the most important ministry role to be that of the member disciple. Some members respond to a calling to serve in particular priesthood roles designed to support the needs of the community.  Others serve as member disciples, a role we believe all Christians are called to be - living expressions of Christ's life and ministry.

All of our priesthood in our congregations are volunteers, as are most pastors. Here in Walnut Creek we operate on a shared leadership model rather than the pastor being the primary or sole leader. For us that model is a Pastoral Leadership Team which meets monthly to address the needs of our congregation and our community.

Our leadership approach to servant ministry is offered in response to the prompting of God's Spirit out of love for God's people. It is in that spirit that I have served as pastor of the congregation since 2011. I have been a member of the church since childhood. I think that's when my informal training for my role as pastor began. My father was pastor of our Berkeley congregation and I observed his loving commitment to the people.

In Community of Christ, most pastors are not seminary trained. The Church offers courses of study as well as workshops and retreats to support the spiritual and theological growth of its leaders. Those opportunities have helped to form me and prepare me to offer my ministry in the congregation.